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We offer a host of call center services that can be
roughly categorized under three main heads.

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With over 10 years of experience in customer service, Errand Media is the perfect choice to be your customer relationship manager. We specialize in proving effective and accurate answering services that goes beyond answering calls and conveying  messages, from detailed reporting to emergency handling, we do it all at a cost that fits right into your budget.
Our customer retention service not only ensures that your customers stay engaged but also turns them into your brand loyalist.


Errand Media brings you fresh leads with high rate of conversion. Our highly responsive data ensures high quality qualified leads and excellent ROI.
We work on gathering vital information on current market trends, the buying pattern of customers to researching on your competitors and potential area of growth, we offer extensive research services which helps make an informed decision for your business to facilitate growth while boosting the customer satisfaction rate.

Tech Support Services

We offer tailor-made helpdesk solutions to our clients resulting in prompt resolution of issues and greater customer satisfaction. Our certified engineers and their superior customer service interaction ensures first response resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Through our robust call center services, we play a crucial role in strengthening the buyer-seller bond. Our main focus is to ensure clients gets reduced costs while converting their business operations for sustainable benefits.

With our valuable and expert feedback,you can definitely look forward to streamlining your business strategies, save expenses and work towards your core competencies. Our emphasis is on increasing the profitability and the efficiency meeting the needs of our clients.
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