Outsourcing the day to day management of Google ads is the ideal business decision for some businesses at select points in time. A team of experts that excel in digital marketing could help you scale-up your business more efficiently and without the need to take on a full-time employee during the building phase. Ideally, a business can weave in and out of using an outsourced team as they require based on staffing within their own agency – it’s not an all or nothing approach!
From B2B operations that want their team members to focus on matters that cannot be easily outsourced to agencies that don’t yet have enough clients to justify a full-time digital marketer (let alone finding one employee that excels in social media advertising, Google Ads and SEO!

Why outsource your Google Ads?

You’ll Save Time

Hiring a PPC agency to create and manage your Google Ads will help you focus on the core of your business. You won’t be forced to find time in your already full schedule for yet another responsibility! For some clients we handle the full strategy and execution. For other clients, they want to tell us exactly what to do and we are their “feet on the ground” so to speak.
You don’t have to spend time locating, interviewing, hiring and training new employees every time you have turnover.

You Could Get Better Results

When you outsource your search engine advertising and hire a Google Ads expert like the team at ErrandMedia, you’ll know that you’re getting a competent hand who knows what they’re doing and has the track record to prove it.
In most organizations there is at most, one person devoted to paid search. At ErrandMedia a few people are involved in your campaign at any given time. We select the team members to work on your account that is the right fit based on skills and previous experience. If one of our team members is going to be off for a couple of days, we have another team member that has been helping out with your account that will be able to step up and ensure everything is running well.

You’ll Save Money

There are multiple ways to save money with outsourcing:
Engaging an agency will always cost less than hiring an equivalently skilled employee.
If you are trying to do Adwords yourself while running your business, it is very possible that you are wasting money in the form of ad spend – this is not your forte after all! We’ve seen companies spend so much in a month and not get a single lead! We might determine that you do not need to bid on your company brand as you are sufficiently visible for your brand organically – this alone could save you money!
We set up tracking so we know the cost of each keyword and which keyword(s) are generating new business for you so that we can decrease costs in areas that do not generate revenue.

How to Get the Most Out of Outsourcing

If you want a stress-free experience that provides you maximum ROI, you need to:

Find The Best Partner for You and Your Business

Experience – have they dealt with companies like yours? What problems did they face (e.g. certain industries are not allowed to bid on select keywords in some countries unless they have an exemption from Google – does your agency know how to deal with this?)

Cost should not be a major factor – so long as the partner can spawn leads that will cover the cost. Ask how long they expect it to take before this happens.

Communication – some people prefer to work with specific communication styles. Can this be accommodated? Would you prefer bi-weekly calls rather than monthly reports? Ask if this is available!

Knowledgeable about SEO – you could get more bang for your buck if your outsourced partner is also familiar with SEO and social media advertising – they can suggest that some topics are better tackled from those channels than Search Ads.

How to Measure Success – when it comes to SEO, we do not measure success by ranking position in Google alone. Instead, we focus on results – revenue, transactions, leads… whatever we agree to focus on. We measure traffic but only in relation to results – we know that not all traffic is of equal value!

Expectations – Discuss your campaigns and strategies with your partners and set clear goals before you get started so you can understand what to expect. Some questions to ask:

At ErrandMedia, we boast a team of Google certified professionals who work strategically to get the best results for your business.
We’re results-focused.

When you hire ErrandMedia for your Google Ads, you’ll be dealing directly with me so you can enjoy excellent continuity of service with zero staff turnover as you often find with other agencies. You’ll also receive a monthly report and call to review the results achieved for your business over the course of the month. This means you don’t need to get overwhelmed by the details and can focus on the core of your business, knowing that an expert is taking care of your PPC advertising.

If you require additional help with marketing projects such as landing pages and SEO, we would be only too happy to help. We work holistically which means these elements also feed into your overall business marketing performance.

What to Expect When You Hire ErrandMedia:

When you start working with us, we’ll start by getting to know your business and discussing your expectations and your goals before planning, building, and launching your campaign. At the end of each designated period, we will conduct a review. Here’s what the process looks like, step by step:

We ensure that we will be able to measure the results of this marketing campaign and other traffic channels. An added bonus of this step is that we will understand for which keywords your site is visible in Google at the current time and we can use that to help with our research.
We determine your campaign strategy and the keywords we will target. We tend to focus on intent-based keywords for PPC and save others for SEO.

We start building the campaign within a structure that we know is highly converting
This typically takes 2-3 weeks. If you have a larger account, we can at least launch the first campaign within a couple of weeks and continue building the remaining campaigns while optimizing the first one.

Our work involves identifying keywords (negative and positive), creating the account structure, writing ads, setting up ad extensions along with a zillion other moving pieces!
Once launched, we start the optimization process with the end goal of getting our first conversions.

At the beginning of the next month, we’ll send you a report that will showcase month over month and year over year (if data is available) and schedule a call to review these results with you so that we are fully aligned, and you are comfortable with the direction we are heading.

Whether you’re just starting, struggling to find your feet or you’re not satisfied with your current PPC results, outsource your Google Ads to drive traffic. We will provide all the support, continuity, and clarity you need to take your business to the next level, completely stress-free.

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